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Shimelle Laine Scrapbooking

I have always loved to make things. Sometimes I just didn’t know it.
I have always loved photographs. Sometimes I just didn’t take them.
I have always loved to write. Sometimes I just erase a little too much.

Now my day-to-day life revolves around these little concepts. I never took an art class after the fourth grade. I broke not one but two school sewing machines in junior high home ec class. The first photograph I was paid for was from a junior varsity football game. And I have a whole folder of papers with the note, ‘Be more concise!’ from Mrs Corder.

So really, I am all about progression

My progression has taken me through studying {first communication and the highly practical musical theatre, then the even more practical English literature} into teaching {English and assorted other subjects to secondary school students} then back to studying {the actual world} and back into teaching {crafty girls who want to write/record/create more}. I’m not done with either. I like that.

But if you would prefer the more concise version:
I grew up in Kansas City and live in London.
I worked as an editor for ScrapBook Inspirations magazine and idea books and design for Jenni Bowlin StudioBanana Frog stamps and Two Peas in a Bucket, an online scrapbooking retailer.
I teach online scrapbooking, journaling and crafting classes.

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